XDL-001 Ridge cap tile profile drawing
XDL-005 720 floor decking profile drawing
XDL-004 1025 floor decking profile drawing
XDL-003 915 floor decking profile drawing


Mar 29, 2020

The cold roll forming equipment in the production process will inevitably appear some problem,common is the color steel plate deviation,once there is a deviation will affect the mechanical production efficiency and Product Qualification Ratio.

So we have to know how to correct these errors,after a long time of trial and practise,we came up with a way to adjust the problem:

If the finished sheet is slant to the right,it needs to use iron pad to the left corner,or adjust the right side of the roller to smooth,which one shaft is slant,then need to adjust which one.The up shaft should be consistent with the bottom shaft,if the up shafts are flat,the bottom shafts should also be flat,uniform symmetry of the shaft cannot not be changed.

If still not OK,then make the front two shafts,and the back two shafts at the same height,Then from the front row to the back row,find a line to straighten,check whether the lower shafts in a horizontal line,then adjust the down shafts from left side to right side in the same level.

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