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XDL-005 720 floor decking profile drawing
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Roll forming machines Characteristic

Mar 29, 2020

The equipment adopts high levelautomatic control software to realize production information management.

The automation control system of the whole unit adopts highly integrated network,which makes the performance of the automation system superior.

The cold roll forming equipment also has the advantages of easy to do the operation,maintenance,and mechanical debugging,easy to change the mold.

Application of color steel sheet:frame of all-steel structure factory building,single-side color steel structure factory building,multi-span steel structure workshop,workshop with wooden traveling beam,villa type color steel plate office room,ceiling with color steel plate,roof plus layer,large-span factory building,light steel structure ring shed.

The cold roll forming equipment is mainly assembled by the frame,press mold,pump station,computer control cabinet,hydraulic shear,etc.,driven by the motor chain transmission,through the up and down roller rolling molding,and then by the computer control system to control its length and quantity.

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