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What are the standard requirements for Joint hidden roof tile roll forming machine.

Mar 29, 2020

Jiont hidden roof tile roll forming machine shall comply with the JB/t5000.1-15-1998 standard.The mechanical properties shall be no less than 60SI2Mn,the hardness of thermal treatment shall be 42-52HRC,and it shall comply with the relevant provisions of GB/t1972-2005 BC series load and level 2 accuracy.The plane of the friction sheet should be flat,no bubbles,no cracks,no obvious impurities and machining damage.Characteristics of the roofing sheet roll forming machines:a small amount of vibration,buffer and compensation performance.

Safe maintenance of motor and other parts.

Easy to assemble and disassemble.Reliable work,long service life.

Standard requirements of roll forming machine:

1.The equipment shall be inspected regularly and can be used only after passing the inspection:establish a sound equipment file for each equipment.

The file shall contain:manufacturer's title,equipment unit and quality certificate and technical data supplied during maintenance and renovation.

2.Strict implementation:the operator shall be at least 18 years old and have passed the special training of the company.

3.understand the equipment function and protection and maintenance knowledge,after passing the test can be credential on the job operation.

4.After the technical transformation is still not up to the standard requirements by the competent part and the technical part of the careful judgment,stop the use,recognize that there is no transformation value should be scrapped,prohibit reselling.

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