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Operation, matters needing attention and working principle:

Mar 29, 2020

Color steel tile press structure principle and cement tile automatic tile press is basically the same.

So in principle,the requirement is simple,as long as the pressure is reached.

But compared with the previous two presses,the product size is larger.

So the mechanical equipment is also larger.

Because cold roll forming is cheaper than heat roll forming,and it has the characteristics of aesthetics,stereoscopic feeling and high strength,which makes cold roll forming technology become a development trend.

Color steel sheet has the advantages of bright color,beautiful appearance,convenient processing and forming with the original strength of steel plate and low cost.

appliances,transportation and other industries.For the construction industry,it is mainly used for the roof walls and doors of industrial and commercial buildings such as steel structure workshops,airports,warehouses and refrigeration.The difference is that the color steel tile press does not need to consider the product after the deformation and maintenance.

Prepare for operation and precautions:before using the machine,to check whether all connection,installation of bolts and nuts are tight,so the case should be put in sufficient lubrication oil,energized to start the machine commissioning,first run idle look carefully,with and without vibration,noise,whether oil is ready,whether parts movement coordination,after confirmed all things,then you can start to roll forming.

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