XDL-001 Ridge cap tile profile drawing
XDL-005 720 floor decking profile drawing
XDL-004 1025 floor decking profile drawing
XDL-003 915 floor decking profile drawing


Mar 29, 2020

Turn on the shearing machine for several cycles of idling,to ensure that under normal conditions,Try to cut different thickness of the plate,from thin to thick.Ensure that the user is familiar with the performance of the shears.The gap of different blade is adjusted with different plate thickness.If the corresponding blade gap is not adjusted,the blade durability will be affected.

In the shearing process,open the pressure gauge switch and observe the oil pressure.The pressure for shearing 12mm plate should be less than 20MPa.

This remote pressure regulating valve No9 sets the pressure 20-22mpa when leaving the factory.The user shall comply with this regulation and shall not increase the pressure for cutting over the specified material surface,thus causing damage to the machine.

Sound balance during operation.If there is noise,stop the inspection.

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